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Orbit Empire Flag

Orbit Empire

Welcome to the wiki page for the Orbit Empire.

Map of the Orbit Empire

This is a clickable map of the Orbit Empire. You can click on each county of the Orbit Empire to visit its wiki page.

Map of the Orbit Empire Oakland Eagles Nest Emperia South Ridge Capital District Vibe Saint-Thomas Terre de Prospérité Desertlands

If the map isn't working for some reason, you can use these links to access each page as well.

Capital District Desertlands Eagles Nest
Emperia Oakland Saint-Thomas
South Ridge Terre de Prospérité Vibe

Major Roads of the Orbit Empire


Desert to Desert E 1 E 2
E 20 E 21 E 30
E 40 E 47 E 50
E 69 E 88 E 90
E 390 E 801 E 901
E S21

National Highways

N 1 N 2 N 5
N 20 N 21 N 32
N 42 N 50 N 62
N 81 N 99 N 150
N 204 N 620

Facts About the Orbit Empire

Founded in 1721

Type of Government: Federal Republic

President: Steven Adams

Capital: Central City, Capital District



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