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PSR Wiki

Welcome to the Project: South Ridge wiki. Here you will be able to view the lore behind the routes in the universe and all of the nations.

World Map

This is a clickable map of the PSR universe. You can click on each nation to visit its respective wiki page. Currently only the Arcitc Circle, Isles of Lincoln, New Lincoln, Orbit Empire, and the Republic of Saint Lawrence are available.

World Map Orbit Empire Arctic Circle Republic of Saint Lawrence Isles of Lincoln New Lincoln Ulster Terra del Cibo Terra del Cibo

If the map isn't working for some reason, you can use these links to access each page as well.

Arctic Circle Bröway Divertdia Extrañia
Fiolettland Impala Islands Isles of Lincoln Kaiyō
Milan New Lincoln New Ulster Norburg
Nordica Orbit Empire Patria Republic of Saint Lawrence
Republic of Santa Maria Royaume du Lac Svenstark Terra del Cibo
Ulster United South Islands Westburg Zeletland

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