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About Project: South Ridge

Project: South Ridge is a driving universe set in the fictional world of Orbitra Sol. A significant amount of the game is focus is on the Orbit Empire, a large nation of 9 County-Regions. The Game was created by Blocky_550 and IndyCarFan265. After the initial creation of what became "Central City, Capital District (V1)." The game now hosts multiple maps created by multiple developers under the development group "Cube Studios." You can find out more about each nation in the PSR wiki. You can also find out more about the developers in the section below and their games on the PSR Games page.

About the Cube Studios Developers


Hi, I'm 4AGE_20V, I'm a vehicle developer for Cube Studios. I have been in roblox ever since 2014, but made my first account in 2017, then made a new account in 2020. I am into cars, specifically japanese ones. I am currently working in the Poly GT Vehicle section at the time of writing this. if you need to contact me, my instagram is @silvertop__, I can't give my discord directly due to safety concerns, (like doxxing, IP grabbing, etc), so if you have instagram, please contact me via there so I can give you my discord via IG dm's. thank you for taking your time to read this, and please enjoy Cube Studio games.


Hi, I'm Nate! I'm a moderator, game developer, and web designer for Cube Studios. I have been on Roblox since 2015 and started developing in 2016. My interests involve roads, signs, signals, gaming, and technology. I reside in the state of Arizona. Currently, I am working on Brunswick, TDP for PSR, an Orbit Empire mod for American Truck Simulator, and also this website! I also make gaming and technology videos on my YouTube channel, AzNate as well as some occassional streams on my Twitch channel.


Hey all, Block Here! I am The Owner and Founder of Cube Studios! I turned 18 in September, and I started roblox development back in 2016. I have an Interest in Roads, I am an extreme car enthusiast, and I love drawing maps and worldbuilding. I also love anime, and electronic music. I am a resident of the Midwestern state of Indiana, specifically the southern hills and lowlands area!
uhhh i dont really know how to end this so, uh yeah, bye i guess lol


Hey guys, my name is Cometzday and I am the Developer Supervisor (Overlord) and UI Designer/Scripter at Cube Studios. I do a variety of things for the group, most prominently UI Design/Scripting. I also 3D Model here and there, and have a map of my own, Bayshore City! If you want to contact me do so at (Cometzday#5452) on Discord!


helooo! I'm fite! I am an administrator here and I manage the discord server and make all of the logos and general branding for everything. Outside of here, I am trying to get into live streaming and drawing. I am very big into music, mostly the genres Vocaloid, EDM, and J-Core music. I am also a mega weeb. You can contact me on Discord at fite!#0756. I hope to see you around uwu!



Howdy folks, I’m IndyCarFan265! I’m technically the co-founder of Project: South Ridge, as well as a Game Developer. I currently own my own nation in this universe called Ulster. I’m in charge of helping with the flags for each of the nations' sub-divisions, as well as designing seals for the counties of the Orbit Empire. I’m from the US State of Florida, and currently reside in the state's Miami Metropolitan Area! Oh, and I’m also a Brony, which means I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you'd like to contact me, add me on Discord at Indy@2926, or reach out to me on Twitter (IndyCarFan265)! That’s really all I got, lol.




Hi, I'm Playtubers and I'm a 3D modeller and I make the cars for Cube Studios. I started 3D modeling around May this year and then I lost interest but then during early June I started again and started making cars since I'm a car enthusiast which is not that uncommon since the car culture here in Sweden is quite big, and yes I'm from Sweden.


There's not much you really need to know about me other than I'm helping Cube Studios with mapping, ATS assets/development, as well as Roblox development for New Ulster. Also some of my scripts are used in Cube Studios games.


Hey there! I am Smkee, Developer Assistant for Cube Studios! I joined this community back in October 2020! Currently a 16 year old amateur Developer still finding my way on this platform. A quick run down on what I do, if it's not self explanatory by the role name. I help wherever work is needed, in all Developers games. Joining this Development Group was on of the best decisions I have made. Filled with joy and positivity, and awesome people to work with. I have huge interest with roads, cars, music, and more fun things in my personal life. Oh yeah, I'm the owner of InterRoutes too, that's fun. I'm always available to talk to whenever you need help, so don't be afraid to come and talk to me. You can check out my socials as well, if you'd like. Yeah, as I usually say "let's get hype!" Have a nice day!

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