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New Lincoln Flag

New Lincoln

Welcome to the wiki page for New Lincoln.

Map of New Lincoln

This is a clickable map of New Lincoln. You can click on any of the states of New Lincoln to visit their wiki page.

Map of New Lincoln Lincoln Partridge

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Alvernon Aussrein Burg Joan Lincoln
New Burg Packard Partridge Willard Zale

Major Roads of New Lincoln

Primary Motorpasses

Motorpass 25 Motorpass 30 Motorpass 37
Motorpass 50 Motorpass 71

Secondary Motorpasses

Motorpass 101 Motorpass 115 Motorpass 125 Motorpass 130 Motorpass 150
Motorpass 171 Motorpass 199 Motorpass 225 Motorpass 250 Motorpass 271
Motorpass 330 Motorpass 350 Motorpass 430 Motorpass 550

Facts About New Lincoln

Founded in 1669

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Prime Minister: Allen Greston

Capital: Corbel, Lincoln


New Lincoln was founded in 1669 when the people of the Isles of Lincoln wanted to take over the world. The conquerors sailed from the Isles of Lincoln and decided to claim what is current day New Lincoln, Westburg, and Ulster. The conquerors were successful in taking over the land and New Lincoln was a part of the Lincoln Empire for a while after. In 1792, New Lincoln attempted to become independent, but they did not succeed. After leaving the Lincoln Empire, New Lincoln didn't have any big events occur. That is, until 1851. In 1851, the people of the current day country of Ulster wanted to become independent. Ulster consulted the government and they peacefully received independence. Later on, in 1854 the area of current day Westburg was growing increasingly unhappy with the way New Lincoln was being governed as well. New Lincoln did not want to peacefully give up any more land. As a result, the people of the area decided to revolt and attempt at becoming independent in 1854. Westburg won the war in 1855 and were granted independence as a city-state. Afterwards, the government of New Lincoln decided they wanted to attempt to leave the Lincoln Empire as a whole again and they were successful this time and became independent in 1860. Since then, there have not been any major conflicts involving New Lincoln.

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