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Isles of Lincoln Flag

Isles of Lincoln

Welcome to the wiki page for the Isles of Lincoln.

Map of the Isles of Lincoln

This is a clickable map of the Isles of Lincoln. You can click on either of the two isles to visit its wiki page.

Map of the Isles of Lincoln Isle of Greater Lincoln Isle of Lesser Lincoln

If the map isn't working for some reason, you can use these links to access each page as well.

Isle of Greater Lincoln Isle of Lesser Lincoln

Major Roads of the Isles of Lincoln


M1 M3 M4
M5 M6 M7
M8 M10 M12
M14 M16 M101

A Roads

A 540

Facts About the Isles of Lincoln

Founded in 1066

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Prime Minister: Albert Windsor

Capital: Lincolnshire, Isle of Greater Lincoln


The original nation was formed in the year 305 A.D. as the nation of Lincoln on what is now the Isle of Greater Lincoln. Lesser Lincoln was uninhabited until the year 600 A.D. A war in 932 A.D. split the nation into the Greater and Lesser Lincolns. In 1066 they reunited under the name "Lincoln Empire" and proceeded to take over the world. As the people of Lincoln had lived on an island for almost 2000 years, they knew how to fight in the oceans. It is unknown where the initial settlers originated from as there has not been any information uncovered about the topic yet.

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