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Desertlands Highway 70

Desertlands Highway 70 (DL 70)

Assigned in 1984

Western Terminus: Oasis City, DL

Eastern Terminus: Royaume du Lac Border Crossing


DL 70 was constructed in 1984 as a county highway connection to connect Oasis City to a lot of the rural communities and the native Playaka Tribe Reserve. In 1990 a secondary section was made at the DL 25 JCT in the city of Playaka, with the 2 sections being connected by a Ferry across Lake Playaka. The road serves as a direct connection between Oasis City and the country of Royaume du Lac.

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Map of DL 70
Map of DL 70
DL 70 Scenery
DL 70 near Willmont, DL

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