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The PSR website is moving! We have upgraded to a more modern and mobile compatible website. Visit it here. For now, this site will remain up, mainly to view the wiki as we have not finished moving everything over to the new wiki yet.

Welcome to Project: South Ridge

Thank you for visiting the Cube Studios' PSR website. We are currently hard at work bringing you a website with a design reminiscent of the 90s and 2000s to view information about PSR, easy access to our games, and a wiki of pretty much everything in PSR. The website is currently still under construction and we thank you for your patience as we work on things. Some links may not work immediately or may get moved over time. As of now, all of the pages should be working properly with the exception of many wiki pages. We are still working on the wiki as of this time, but you can still visit some of the wiki pages that are currently available. As of November 22, 2020, all of the Orbit Empire counties have a wiki page, although some are not complete. Saint-Thomas, the Isles of Lincoln, and New Lincoln have a page with its map and Ulster and Royaume du Lac are the countries that will be added next.

If you see any issues with the site please report them to us in our Discord server or on Twitter! These links can be found below. You can also provide website suggestions in our Discord server or by contacting us on Twitter.

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